CCM (Chronic Care Management)

TCM (Transitional Care Management)

Redefined by Telemedicine

Value-Based Health Care Benefits with CCM and TCM


Lower costs & better outcomes


Higher patient satisfaction rates & better care


Stronger cost controls & reduced risks


Alignment of prices with patient outcomes


Reduced healthcare spending & better overall health

How does it work?

We provide the services, you collect from Medicare, we charge a percentage of what you collect.

We don't get paid, until you get paid.

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CloudMD365 Services

Video Visits

Make your video visits super efficient by asking the patient evidence-based medical questions before the visit.

Provider Availability & Scheduling

Specify your availability, visit duration and charge amount to increase your patient coverage.

Store & Forward Communication

Balance the workload and increase patient satisfaction with evidence-based algorithmic guidelines.

Secure Messaging

Securely and conveniently exchange text, images, video, and audio with your patients.

Educational Material

Send relevant and educational material from trustworthy up-to-date sources to your patients.

Personal Health Records

Your patients can manage all aspects of their health, including medication adherence and vitals tracking so you have a better view of their overall health during a visit.


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